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It’s officially a few more days before we celebrate Christmas and New year. Around the globe, most people are trying to look their best, new clothes, new gadgets, and new shoes, but can these make up for looking best at what’s on top of our head, our hair!

Taking care of our mane should be on top of our list just as we go to spa to pamper our body, our hair needs pampering as well. Novuhair, Nature’s answer to hair loss has got you covered.

As we bid adieu to 2016, throw away your difficulties on hair loss and scalp problems with Novuhair’s 19 natural ingredients. Made of herbal ingredients that include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint, Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching.

The brand has helped thousands of satisfied users here in the Philippines, thus merits its fifth consecutive year of being awarded by Watson’s as the leading Medicated Hair Care Brand in the country.

Good news to our kababayans abroad and their friends, with the brand’s aim to help assuage hair problems across the globe, Novuhair products are available in Kuwait, distributed by Bee Organic Import & Export Establishment, Kuwait. For orders, you may contact landlines +96524343885 and +96524343866 or mobile numbers +96550380380, +96565559935 and +96560755122. Bee Organic’s showroom is located at Arabia Mall, First Floor Showroom # 15 Egaila Area, Kuwait.

Novuhair can also be purchased online through our service partner: Servicing USA, Canada, UAE , KSA and other Asian countries.

Locally, Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, and follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Valuable Tips Beginners Can Count-On When Riding A Jet Ski Dubai #OFWTraveller

Valuable Tips Beginners Can Count-On When Riding A Jet Ski Dubai #OFWTraveller

The best feature about jet skis could be the electrifying on-water experience riders get offered that allow exploring creeks, lagoons and seas. Whether the rider takes a relaxing ride at an unhurried speed or one which lets them ride the waves at fifty miles an hour pace, jet skis come in a combination of styles and silhouettes to deal with your problems. As soon as you've gotten your personal jet ski it's an astute idea to practice differing riding techniques so you can develop your jet ski driving skill set in order to have an awesome time, at the same time keeping you and your trippers safe. We have here compiled a portion of the more frequently used riding methodologies for your jet ski.

One motivation behind why such an assortment of Jet Ski proprietors slant toward the top notch riding technique is in light of the fact, that it allows them extra grip over their jet ski plus an ability to make use of their legs to absorb the shock of immense waves. This is fine-tuned by placing your feet a bit detached over again from the Jet Skis handlebars & to some degree at the rear of your shoulders. You should be in a semi-standing position with your knees fairly curved so you'll have a more outstanding ability to cope with irksome water, slant while turning and bob the Jet Ski in case you have to.

Regardless of that you decide to ride your jet ski Dubai on a lake or the ocean nearly all stream skis provide a pleasing ride while cruising. The best way to deal with the voyage is to sit down with your feet forward on the ottomans & your back to some degree curved. That will enable you to better absorb the shock of any waves. Sitting in this position furthermore allows you to lean with your jet ski as you turn. You will in like manner have the ability to turn more expertly and decrease your threat of falling headlong, off your jet ski. Cruising is immaculate when the water is calm or a little choppy.

While riding a jet ski if the travelers are more than one it alters the handling and methodology a driver should follow to keep everybody safe. For one thing, the extra weight makes turning the Jet Ski more troublesome and requires your trippers to slant toward the corner meanwhile. If you intend to have more than one person riding on your jet ski, ensure all voyagers are securely on before you bit by bit speed up from the dock. Trippers should stay settled and avoid making any sudden movement as the Jet Ski is not so much steady as a result of added weight.

Docking for all intents and purposes could be the major riding technique every Jet Ski driver should ace. The perfect way to dock your Jet ski everything hinges on upon the kind of dock you get. As you come nearer to any dock you will have to reduce the Jet Skis speed to an unmoving to avoid an accident or collision with the dock. In spite of that you may have reduced your speed to an unmoving beforehand in preparedness for docking, ever so often you'll even now have plenty of forward buoyancy to dock your jet ski gently.

A straightforward riding trick to reduce your forward buoyancy is to perform a firm 360⁰ turn twenty-thirty feet ahead of your landing zone. It will phenomenally decrease your forward buoyancy & let you dock at a more likeable speed. As you near the seashore or harbor, cut-off your jet ski's engine and let it float to the point where you will secure it to a pier. It's incredibly essential to review, when you stop your jet ski Dubai, you'll not ever again have the ability to maneuver it. Get off your Jet Ski when the water is adequately shallow so as to accomplish the ground safely and keep the Jet Ski from racing onto the bank. If the dock is a significant water dock, bit by bit approach the dock, cut off the engine few seconds prior to getting to it and grab the dock to pull over the Jet Ski.

Source: Karin Al Tariq

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Vital Media Center Point for the Emirate-Dubai Media City #OFWTraveller

A Vital Media Center Point for the Emirate-Dubai Media City #OFWTraveller

In the course of recent fifteen years or so, Dubai Media City has quickly developed into a vital media center-point for the Emirate. Declining to rest on their laurels, builders as of late reported a full new development blueprint that will draw in considerably more businesses and vacationers to this sunlit location on the Persian Bay.

A spot for media to flourish

Dubai Media City (DMC) in Dubai falls inside the supposed free zone overseen by an autonomous government establishment namely the Dubai Creative Clusters. The free zone regulations permit organizations in Dubai Media Center to contend successfully in the international stage.

Opened over a decade back on the year of 2001, with the aim of spurring the presence of media and communication firms within the city, DMC anchors businesses which specialize in marketing and brand building, media and advertising, media management and support, independent and partnership work,as well as new media.

As per Dubai Media City's official website, the UAE is likely going to keep on being ahead of the Middle East and North Africa region in broadcasting, & advertising expending.Since Dubai Media City opened, the entity has developed from one hundred to four thousand and five hundred establishments. A couple of years back in 2014, the director of Dubai Holdings declared a 5-year development proposal for Dubai Media City, involving the inclusion of Ten Million square feet of space particularly for futuristic buildings, innovation research facilities and smart complexes.

There are likewise plans set up for ventures named ‘Innovation HUB’ plus‘Creative Community’, which are required to incorporate versatile, world-class amenities and partnership-friendly workplaces where new concepts can prosper.

An extraordinary spot

DMC in Dubai is near the Dubai Marina, famous owing to its shopping, eateries, resorts plus high rise condos. Particular to mention is the glamorous Dubai Marina Mall a tall building with four floors where you'll discover one-hundred-thirty independent shops, a 6-screen movie coliseum, eateries and oneyoungsters' play area.Get a break from the Dubai's sweltering heat; head to Wild Wadi Water Park, an amusement park based on Arabian legends, highlighting 3 lidos and seventeen water slides.At night walk around the Marina Walk, where you'll have your choice of sixty nine bistros and over three hundred shopping outlets.

Round of Golf

Known for facilitating the Omega Dubai Desert Classic competition, Emirates Golf Club is likewise adjacent. The club had the distinction of being Middle East'sinitial all-grass title golf course at the time it opened in 1998. Golfers even now throng to its Majlis and Faldo courses nowadays, the first one out of the two has been labeled one of the globe's TOP 100 greens by Golf World magazine.The second of the two is the only of its kind in the region to come up with night golf.

Subsequent to playing a round, unwind with a relaxing rub-down or facial treatment in the SensAsia spa before devouring authentic French cuisine at Le Classique, where you get to pick from one of the three laid down menus, or settle on à la carte. The dish you can look forward to in the restaurant is the delicious wagyu meat filet with potato éclair.

Lounging in the new city

View the setting of the sun over Dubai city from Tamanya Terrace, a famous sundowner spot inside Dubai Media City. On your day away from work, you can relish a cocktail while unwinding poolside at the Dusk Terrace. To enjoy genuine Arabic food head to adjacent Al Merkaaz, or choose to have pasta and wood-fired pizza served at the Radisson Blu’sCerto Italian Eatery.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Want to Know On How to Set-Up Business Company in UAE? #OFWTraveller

Want to Know On How to Set-Up Business Company in UAE? #OFWTraveller

Dubai is one of the most developed cities of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has become a major tourist destination because of manmade islands, tallest building and amazing skyline. Dubai government has taken several measures to promote businessmen around the world and there are several companies who are successfully doing business in UAE. After winning Expo2020, Dubai is on the rise and many investors are interested in setting up companies in UAE.

In order to set up business in Dubai, one has to go through several legal procedures and the most important aspect is to choose a legal form. In UAE there are more than two ways to establish company, Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Free Zone Company. LLC is the most commonly used legal form for businesses in which foreign investor has to choose a local business partner. A local business partner must be UAE national and holds 51% shares of the company, but it doesn't mean that he is eligible to take all the company decision, he acts as a silent partner and the company owner has complete authority to run the company as he desired. A local business partner helps investor in performing several legal agreements and visa sponsorship. Now the next step is to register a trade name which can be done with Dubai Economic Department (DED).

There are several forms and legal documents required to register a company in Dubai, most foreign investors are unaware of the UAE laws because of which they often face difficulties in setting up company in UAE.

Now as far as Free Zone Company formation concerned, in Free Zone Company businessman can have 100% ownership and there are several Free Zone areas defined by UAE government. The major benefit of establishing company in Free Zone is that it's a Tax Free Zone, also rules and regulations for the business are different, then LLC Companies. Now all the legal matters are quite complicated for the people who don't have any understanding about UAE laws. Most foreign investors prefer to hire business consultants or acquire reliable PRO services for company formation service. Company formation in UAE requires great deal of expertise and experience that's why it is really important to choose a reliable business consultant that can fulfill your all the requirements.

Supreme Pro is one of the most reputed business consultancy based in Dubai, which is providing reliable PRO services to various companies. If you are looking forward to set up business in UAE, you consult them as they are capable for providing various services such as LLC and Free Zone company formation, visa services, business solutions and DEWA services.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top 5 Conventional Foods of UAE You Should Try When Living There #OFWTraveller

Top 5 Conventional Foods of UAE You Should Try When Living There #OFWTraveller

UAE is a very cultured nation that offers different attractions for travelers over the world. It has created its name as one of the quickest growing nation of this area. Other than going to worth seeing spots, holidaymakers can likewise relish sumptuous customary food of United Arab Emirates the nation over. Be it that you pick Dubai, or Ajman, you will find the opportunity to enjoy delicious conventional food all over the places.

Top 5 Conventional Foods of UAE You Should Try

Assuming that you explore a bit about Traditional recipes of the country, you’ll see that a large chunk of the conventional food there has extremely rich and remarkable taste. There are assortments of flavors just as the richly-spiced Indian cuisine. Conventional dishes are made from rice with either, fish and meat being used lavishly. Middle Easterners love to devour lamb and goats. Be that as it may, eateries serve dishes prepared from camel meat everywhere throughout the year for voyagers and guests. Here are the 5 must attempt customary foods of UAE:

Stuffed Camel: Stuffed Camel truly is an extremely exotic dish of UAE. Often wealthy families serve it in wedding functions. Primary ingredients in it are camel, lamb, chicken, and eggs. Keeping in mind the end goal to prepare a sumptuous dish they stuff entire camel into the mixture.

Al Harees: It is the country’s well known dish with very intriguing taste. It is comprised of meat and wheat. Preparing it is exceptionally simple and it is a rich dish with not very many ingredients. This dish is ordinarily served at the time of Ramadan, & wedding celebrations. Wheat & meat with a dash of salt are allowed to simmer in hot water for a considerable length of time until all ingredients blend to create a creamy puree that will be further cooked in a lidded clay vessel.

Shawarma: It’s the most savored food over this nation. It can be prepared with lamb or chicken. Diverse eateries serve this dish in various ways. Usually they blend garlic sauce and fries and enfold it in Arabic Roti. The recipe resembles a lot with kebab. In UAE individuals often have Shawarma alongside a special fruit beverage prepared by mixing strawberry and banana.

Al Machboos: It's likewise a really celebrated customary dish of the country. Critical ingredients include rice, meat, onion and dried lemon. Other flavoring incorporates spices and salt. While preparing every one of the ingredients are cooked well in boiling water till they get to be delicate. At that point meat is segregated and rice is put in remaining mixture and this blend is cooked thoroughly. After that meat is again put into this mixture of rice and vegetables and cooked once more.

Hummus: It is not really a dish rather it is an acclaimed dip prepared using chick peas, a mix of lime and olive juice, blended in tahini paste, with a dash of garlic. It is presented with different dishes like Shawarma and pita bread.

And finally the stunner!

Dhow Cruise Dinner: What's more romantic than dining on board a dhow cruise dinner as it sails noiselessly along the Dubai gulf by moonlight? The cruise lets you take in the gorgeous beaches including Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach, and of course the infamous, the luxurious Burj Al Arab. Dhow Cruise Dinner is truly an out of the world experience.

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Types of exercises at ladies gym in Dubai City #OFWTraveller

Types of exercises at ladies gym in Dubai City #OFWTraveller

If getting rid of extra calories would have been as easy as forgetting your friend’s birthday or not submitting your work on time then every Tom, Dick, and Harry would essentially be very lean and in shape. Well that is not how human body works. So if you are overweight naturally or by action, it is advised that you undergo a good workout. Also it is better to act as early as possible because once old age hits you, it is close to impossible to shed weight. Therefore, learn about the best exercise to lose weight and start acting upon it now.

It is known that there is no one primary form of workout but several that one needs to integrate in his or her exercise sessions. Firstly leave aside the impression that cardio is for reducing your calories and strength is for just building your muscles. That is just what everyone but the experts say. Remember that whatever makes you sweat a lot burns your calories. This does not indicate the sweats you get when you are afraid you see 10 missed calls from your mom. Your workout sessions must thereby include the best exercise to lose weight in both cardio and strength categories.

It so happens that some ladies feel uncomfortable to perform their workout especially when men are around. This causes their confidence to go down which eventually affects their performance. Also it is not necessary that the equipment which is suitable for men must be suitable for the women as well. Therefore you will find special ladies gym in Dubai which has customized equipment catering to the needs of women and pertaining to their fitness objectives. Proper exercises like squats, high knee jumps, front lunges as well as crunches for a time span of 30 seconds provide a healthy workout for the ladies.

It is clearly understood that every lady in this world wants to tone up her stomach perfectly, reducing all the extra fat that layers on it. Therefore, types of calisthenics like side hip drop, arrow arm crunch, leg lifting, side squat reach and torso twist so as to give pressure on your abs must be in the workout sessions of every lady. These workouts not only help reducing your body mass but also shape your thighs, hips as well as the butt. Thereby, every ladies gym in Dubai is following these plans in order to bring about the necessary results as soon as possible.

Eliminating the unwanted calories that you munch is vital with the intention of maintaining healthy intensities of your weight; furthermore the activities essential to reducing the calories contribute in supporting a dynamic figure and extra muscles. And also comprehend that in the middle of these activities, a few chemicals are released from your body which help in your cognitive development and make you mentally strong as well. Thereby developing a regular practice of squat jumps, up and down sprints and jumping jacks which also cause fast contraction of muscle fibre is crucial and also the best exercise to lose weight.

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