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Growth Prospects for Dubai Logistics #OFWTraveller

Growth Prospects for Dubai Logistics #OFWTraveller

When it comes to logistics and supply chain management services, very few places are able to live up to the performance that has become synonymous with Dubai. The city has emerged as the most preferred region for international trading and transport logistics.

The development that is evident across various sectors is aligned with the details mentioned in the Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP) 2015.While a good portion of this achievement is due to the strategic location and technological expertise of Dubai, there are other factors that play an important role in providing a major advantage to this logistic hub.

Growth of Dubai

One thing that logistics companies in Dubai can vouch for is the cost effectiveness of the efficient multi-modal transport system in the region which not only helps to save valuable time, but also freight costs. This benefit is in addition to the fact that the technical designs of the transportation systems helps to ensure the safety of the cargo by providing special environment in the storage containers.

The true potential of Dubai's logistics services was evident during the global recession where the government was able to pull through the storm due to the contributions of the logistics sector. During this turbulent scenario, other economies were doing their best to survive while Dubai managed to attract global investors and leveraged its logistics potential.

The government also plays an important role to make the logistics services of Dubai super-efficient. It provides support to the business operating in the region and also undertakes efficient customs facilitation. This has collectively helped to develop the capabilities of Dubai as a prime transit and re-export hub.

This is evident in the fact that Dubai has been known for handling approximately 70% of air cargo in the entire Middle East in 2013. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has forecasted that Dubai would be amongst the largest international freight handlers with an estimated freight load of 3 million tonnes being handled by 2015.

The logistics sector would witness even more development and large scale expansion owing to the Expo 2020 which would take place after 5 years. This may seem to be a long time, but when it comes to creating scalable processes, 5 years may actually turn out to be less. Dubai not only needs to prepare for the increased population numbers during the Expo, but the management of freight and passengers also needs to be done without causing a lot of hassles.

The continued involvement of the government in the logistics sector, the increased participation of global investors and the increasing number of opportunities for Dubai have certainly paved the path for a bright and lucrative future for the region's growth.

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Simple Tricks And Tips On Managing Your Time And Energy #OFWTraveller

Simple Tricks And Tips On Managing Your Time And Energy #OFWTraveller

Dealing with your time management is something you should do if you wish to spend time correctly. It will take a number of attempts to obtain it appropriate, however these recommendations are going to give you a hand. Just please read on and time management is something which can be used to your great advantage.

When time is tight, begin establishing boundaries how lengthy it will require you to do things. For instance, rather than exploring the world wide web when you have to examine e-mail, just allow oneself a few minutes to learn and react to your communications. Remove the extra, quit putting things off and keep on your own on schedule.

On a daily basis must start with a schedule. In the event you commence every day with all the knowledge of what is placed ahead of time, you may be prone to accomplish your ultimate goal. Make certain to not overbook the morning.

A location that lots of many people have problems with in time management planning is environment deadlines. You have to established due dates and stick to them. Any task you may have will take some some time and for those who have a deadline for the duties, your lifestyle will operate correctly.

Have a diary of methods you are expending time. Accomplish this for around 3 days. It is possible to see what you will be hanging out on. You may then determine what is necessary to enjoy time carrying out and what isn't necessary. Discover how to control your time and energy much better.

Should it be hard so that you can manage your time and efforts, take a look at your present work strategy and find out the way it is helping you. If you discover your self derailed or functioning way too gradually, take the time to take into account what that may be going on. This is actually the first step in enhancing your utilization of time.

If you need to work at greatest efficiency, ensure that you close up the door in your business office. Your co-employees and superiors will almost certainly deal with an open doorway as being a sign that you're offered to discuss new job or carry out new duties. You provide yourself privacy if you close the entrance. People know that you have to focus so that you can complete your tasks on time.

Check into effective time management courses at local community colleges or in your workplace. When you have a hard time juggling your timetable, you can discover a lot on how to restrict your stress at the job. Figuring out how to manage your time and efforts properly from a skilled teacher will show to be useful.

Probably the most standard effective time management strategies is a to-do collection. Saturday evening, write down everything you should do inside the coming full week. The basic proven fact that you place it on paper must assist you to sleep considering that the collection is outside of your mind. Monday, just concentrate on beginning the list, not finishing. You probable will never finish off your regular list, however having it on paper makes it constantly manageable.

Select your ensemble for function the evening before. When you wake up for operate, there is a flurry of activity and you may truly feel as well worn out to organize an attire. For that reason, why not plan what you'll wear the following day in the night time before? After evening meal, just prepare your outfit. If you're really ambitious, you can strategy a week's clothing at the same time.

Multiple-tasking is a marvelous capacity, but a majority of individuals tend not to do it. Use whenever when you find yourself waiting around, for example awaiting food items to prepare, to care for one more small project. As an example, you could possibly establish the kitchen table or nice and clean your kitchen counter-top whilst watching a container will not boil over.

Split even bigger tasks into small jobs. Do 1 part of the project at the same time, have a break, and after that return to an additional element of it. By looking to total a single massive project simultaneously, you are going to become discouraged and obtain absolutely nothing completed. Splitting up it into components can help you remain focused.

Effective time management ought to certainly be something you might have very little problems with using with your day to day life. Just be certain you take into account what you've go through in this article and you need to just do fine. Utilize anything that you've acquired on this page and take your time in order to buy this correct the initial time.

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The First Group: Operational Excellence in the Midst of a Hotel Boom #OFWTraveller

Source: Chantelle Walker @The First Group

The First Group: Operational Excellence in the Midst of a Hotel Boom #OFWTraveller

At the end of 2013, news came through that Dubai had won the bid to host the 2020 World Expo. This will put further strain on a hotel industry which has seen an explosion of new developments over the last decade and continues to struggle to keep up with demand as the world comes to the UAE.

At the forefront of hotel development in the region, is The First Group, a British-owned, Dubai-based international property developer, with huge experience when it comes to delivering projects on-time and to high standards.

"We have a focus on building exciting hotel projects that are operated by leading hotel brands, such as the world's largest, Wyndham Hotel Group," describes Rob Burns, Chief Operating Officer.

"We pride ourselves in having been one of the first to recognize the lucrative potential of property investment in Dubai and today, we have a large portfolio of both residential and commercial property across the UAE.

"Over the years, our extensive research and market knowledge led us to shift our emphasis from residential projects towards hotel development. We offer investors the chance to benefit from the ownership of individual hotel rooms and suites across some of the best locations in Dubai."

The privately-owned business was co-founded by British businessmen, Danny Lubert and Gary Shepherd, who both have more than 30 years of senior management expertise and were able to draw on backgrounds in property, finance, acquisition, marketing and product development.

"It is fundamentally their ambition and excellent eye for emerging market potential that has enabled The First Group to excel and grow into the successful company that it is today. We also have a fantastic team of people who share a collective passion for excellence and it is thanks to their initial drive, professionalism and commitment that we continue to enjoy tremendous growth," says Burns.

Today The First Group's growth very much reflects the dynamism that prevails within the hotel sector in the UAE, with the company opening new offices and promotional venues worldwide. The company is headquartered in Dubai and a couple of years ago moved into a modern showroom on the 22nd floor of Tameem House in the Tecom business district. The business also has numerous promotional venues across the UAE, GCC, Africa and CIS, in addition to offices in Moscow, Almaty, Kazan, Astana, Abuja, Lagos and most recently, in Jeddah.

"We operate a large multinational team, who can converse in more than 15 languages, from English, Russian and French to Spanish, Farsi and Arabic. In terms of our market position, we are highly regarded as one of Dubai's leaders in the property field and one of the emirate's most widely recognized property developers, thanks to our long-standing relationship with Dubai and our continued drive to increase our brand awareness."

Along the way, The First Group has picked up a large number of accolades, ranging from the Arabian Property Awards and Best Developer 2013 by the Russian Consulate General, to several CNBC International Property Awards.

Hotel projects are typically tower developments ranging from 450 to 750 hotel rooms or suites, spanning 34 floors or more and the company delivers a complete service, aiming to build long term relationships with clients, as Burns outlines:

"We offer a full property development service, from the very inception of a project right through to its completion and beyond. Over our years of operation, The First Group has developed strong partnerships with prestigious architects, contractors, interior designers and hotel operators to ensure that the iconic projects we envision become a reality.

"We have a highly skilled construction team that does an excellent job in managing our demanding time lines and meeting our exceptionally high standards. However, our work does not just end once a development is complete - we have a special division, TFG Asset Management, to oversee every aspect of the finished project and fully support our owners; from marketing and liaising with our hotel operators, to handling our investor's returns and much more."

Burns takes a great pride in the projects that The First Group has delivered and the company is currently working with the prestigious Wyndham hotel group:

"We are really excited to be bringing the very first Wyndham hotel developments to the UAE and these are certainly our flagship projects. Wyndham Hotel Group is the world's largest and most diverse hotel company, with more than 7,000 hotel properties in 66 countries across 6 continents.

"Through our partnership, Wyndham will manage 3 of our upcoming hotels; one being our TRYP by Wyndham development in TECOM, which also marks a debut for Wyndham's urban hotel brand, TRYP, in the UAE. The other 2 hotel projects Wyndham will operate, will be our 2 prestigious developments in Dubai Marina - Wyndham Dubai Marina, and our next project, The One Dubai Marina.

"We are very proud of how things are progressing at our Dubai Marina developments in particular - our first project there, Wyndham Dubai Marina, is a 497-room four star hotel property with stunning views across the marina and beyond. Additionally our soon to be launched project The One Dubai Marina by Wyndham has a superb location, right opposite the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and just a short walk from Dubai Marina Mall.

"Like Wyndham Dubai Marina, The One Dubai Marina will also benefit from the world's largest hotelier - a factor which we feel will really help to maximize the returns for all our investors. We also have ongoing developments in premium locations in TECOM and Dubai Sports City," he continues.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a real buzz-word in today's business world and for The First Group, this is embodied in the spirit of the company, as Burns underlines: "For us, it goes a little further than simply CSR and again reverts to our motto, a Foundation for Growth.

"We are proud to be able to use our brand's standing and influence to help support a number of local and international charities, which all have a major focus on bettering the lives of underprivileged children in many parts of the world - essentially they are all about facilitating the growth of our future generations. Many of our team members have travelled to meet directly with some of these young people and seen firsthand the difference that our supported charities can make."

Whilst the UAE did feel the effects of the global economic slow-down, Burns says that confidence has grown in recent years as a result of the regulatory framework and escrow account requirements in Dubai. He sees an exciting future ahead:

"Dubai has made huge headway since the financial crisis and we never cease to be impressed by its drive and development, in comparison to other much more established cities worldwide.

"There is a real sense of renewed optimism in Dubai, especially given the World Expo win, the success of Dubai World Central and the latest announcement of Mall of the World launch. There are so many exciting things to look forward to and spectacular developments to take place, and we can definitely say that things are really looking up for the city. The proof is really in the vital stats - 11 million people visited Dubai in 2013, 11 per cent more than the previous year, while hotel occupancy topped an average of more than 80 per cent.* We are really excited and honoured to be a part of it all and look forward to seeing how things will continue to go from strength to strength in the coming years, for both Dubai and The First Group. (SOURCE: Jones Lang La Salle, Dubai Hotel Intelligence Report, 2014)

"It is a fantastic time right now to be part of the property and hospitality sector, particularly here in Dubai, given the pace at which it has recovered from the global downturn. While many cities are still recovering, there is a real buzz surrounding the future of Dubai, particularly since the World Expo 2020 win.

"The future of The First Group is constantly evolving. We are always looking for ways to serve our clients better and we definitely plan to see a strong growth in our international presence over the coming years. We have already expanded into KSA and have plans to continue this growth across the GCC region. You can also expect more exciting announcements from us, with new developments and partnerships already in pipeline - it is definitely an exciting time and we look forward to what the future holds," he concludes.

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Did You Know That There’s a Mystery Behind Judas Cave? #OFWTraveller

Did you know that there’s a mystery behind Judas Cave?

Judas Cave's named after Judas Iscariot (one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ). After accepting the bribe of thirty gold coins and ran away, to cover his betrayal from his master, he holed-up in this cavern.

It's located in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The natives called it “Jabal Garra” means a village of mountains. They said, that there’s a mystery lies in this cave. The home-born believed that whoever heard the sighing of Judas and clanking of gold coins inside the cave will betray somebody dearest to his/her heart.

One summer day, I decided to visit the cave. I brought all the things that a tourist should and hailed a taxi cab and on the way, I noticed that the desert's like ripples of sands drifting in the wilderness of tranquility. As I came nearer the place, I was joyful by the scene. I discovered that "Jabal Garra" - means Green Mountain's composed of small mountains forming into one huge structure surrounded by the barren sand dunes. It’s like a sculptor unfinished clay structure!

At the foot of the structure; a mini-park with benches and tables made of ancient clay, a beautiful garden with fountains, different varieties of multicolored enchanting flowers and four sculptured staircases leading to the mountain top. Also, I noted a huge wooden gate and a long-drawn-out of date’s plantation. I entered the gate and to my surprise, I saw a winding path with mounds of peculiar sizes on both sides and lovely flowers with varying colors planted at the base of each earthwork. I walked slowly towards the cave entrance and felt that I was walking down the church aisle heading to the altar! Suddenly, the cold breeze made my soul quivers!

The fa├žade of the cave were two gigantic boulders leaning against each other. Several giant mounds fashioning a crown on top, towering enormously to its height, making a colossal design of boulders. As I stepped inside, the temperature altered from warm to cool; the light from brightness to shadiness. At first, I accustomed my vision to the surrounding. I spotted various light bulbs hanging in each niche making the place dimmer. I produced a flashlight to guide me inside the pothole. In fact, it’s the first time that I entered a cave in my whole life. The interior was like a maze with lots of paths to choose from. I gathered all my courage to sustain my escapade. My curiosity deepened as I led the way not knowing which course to tread. So, I determined to turn right because that’s the nearest direction that I could lead inside right away. As I moved on, the inlay of the cave becomes wider and I saw extraordinary contours of rocks and boulders hugging a piece together. It’s truly magnificent! I felt glad and lonely at the same time. I cannot fathom the serenity of the place.

The mystery that shrouded in this cave baffled me. Why Judas Iscariot accepted the bribe and concealed here? Was it because of thirty pieces of gold coins? Or, to scrutinized his guilt? In fact, according to the Bible, he ended his life on account of self-condemnation? Besides, why did the residents preserved the place? Maybe because of its beauty? Usefulness? Or simply a landmark?

As I wandered around the hidden of the cave, I had a feeling to reveal more and satisfy my “objet de vertu”. After three hours of sightseeing, I had a last look at the spot. And, suddenly, I heard the whisper of Judas, telling me to spread the goodness to mankind! At first, I hesitated to acknowledge because Judas was a bad person according to the Bible, but his message to me was a good one. And then, I didn’t realize, that I was answering back saying, “I will, Sire I will, I will cast the good news to humanity.” At that moment, my tears began to fall continuously, crying, cleansing my mind, heart, and soul. And I grasped while slowly walking at the slit of the cave.

I left the place with a heart, that’s spiritual knowing, and purity in my existence can never equal all the material things in this world. Amen.

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Let's Explore the Culture of Dubai #OFWTraveller

Let's Explore the Culture of Dubai #OFWTraveller

The most vibrant metropolis of United Arab Emirates, Dubai has evolved drastically in the past one decade and is evolving into one of the finest cultural, commercial and hospitality giant. Cheap flights to Dubai bring the visitors close to the deep rooted traditions of this affluent Arab district. Dubai is a potpourri of diverse cultures for being inhabited by people belonging to different cultural backgrounds for trade purposes. Its dynamic hospitality sector is another great reason for Dubai's ever evolving art and cultural scene that compels travelers to book direct flights to Dubai from different parts of the world. But, beneath a fragile outer influence, Dubai has preserved its profound traditional mores and beliefs in their true form at its several historical sites, art galleries, museums and ancient settlements.

Dubai's stunning heritage sites let the vacationers fly back to the golden early times. A visit to the fort Al Fahidi and its classic surroundings present the architectural gems of the Arabs Arab passing through the narrow bylanes of this age old settlement. There is ample scope to dig in the traditional life of Dubai with numerous art galleries and museums showcasing Arab artifacts. Moreover, a relaxed gastronomic break at one of the conventional cafes can be extremely blissful. Dubai Museum with its vast collection of exhibits and reconstructions of significant mosques and Arabian life is a treat to be.

The city boasts of an astounding list of cultural events and exhibitions that make it possible for the vacationers to catch the glimpse of Dubai's vivacious festivals and ethnicity. Also, people who wish to tap the cultural soul of the state may head to one of the popular live shows and theaters in Dubai such as the Madinat Theatre that offers a dynamic range of shows catering to an extensive audience. Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC), and the Centre for Musical Arts Dubai are known for their splendid cultural events.

There could be no better way to immerse in Dubai's dramatic way of living than exploring the vast cooking landscape of this Arabian megacity. With your Cheap flights to Dubai, explore the Arabian Dhow Cruise at The Creek for an authentic Dubai fine dine experience or head to a popular hotel or restaurant in a plush region to relish lip smacking Arab cuisine with multiple facets.

A trip to Dubai cannot be fully accomplished without having a blow of Dubai's awe-inspiring sand dunes and camping at a desert safari. Direct flights to Dubai allow the passionate travelers to tap the essence of Dubai's diverse nature trails with a thrilling desert safari tour. Desert safari brings you close to the blistering sands of cosmic deserts of Dubai that never fail to strike a chord with its spirited guests. Join the gangs of adventurers boarding a 4x4 jeep to hit the sand dunes and indulge in a hearty barbeque feast at the campfire that goes all night. There's no end to the fun where traditional belly dancers perform to the tunes of Arabic classics, as people enjoy various henna painting, shisha, and non-stop wine.

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A Men's Guide To Buying Ladies Nightwear #OFWTraveller

Chris G is an expert in ladies nightwear and runs an online boutique catering to the needs of modern women. He has more than a decade experience in the industry and holds a diploma in Fashion Design. For more information to visit CarrandWestley and visit Article City

A Men's Guide To Buying Ladies Nightwear

Buying ladies nightwear can be baffling to a man and yet sometime in your life you might have to undertake this difficult task. Many men would feel blessed if they receive a tutorial on how to buy the right ladies night cloth to save them the confusion. It's pretty embarrassing to have to ask the sales person for suggestions when you are buying it for your wife or girlfriend. To save you from this ordeal we have therefore discussed the few tips which would help you find the right ladies nightwear.

Something flattering: Try to buy something which she doesn't wear everyday. When you are planning to gift a ladies nightwear, being little extravagant won't hurt. Look for rich colours and fabric. Remember women do love to receive flattering gifts from their partners. You may buy a nightwear which would accentuate her beauty and complements her figure.

Understand the colour: The colours would speak volumes but it must go with her personality. Colours have their special meanings. Hence, you may give sometime in understanding the different meanings of different colours. Also, you may spare some thoughts to the right type of ladies nightwear for your partner- when nightgowns are more on the traditional side, Chemises are more flirty. There are also endless choices available in between as well. Finding the right type nightwear is therefore essential if you want your partner to really like it.

Set the right mood: While shopping for ladies nightwear keep the occasion in mind. Setting the right mood is important with the gift. The nature of your gift would vary depending upon the occasion as well as the person who you want to gift.

Be observant: Being observant pays off when it comes to choose the right ladies nightwear. Small things like her preferences of colour, style and type would help you decide faster about the right product.

Ask yourself: Ask yourself how you would like to see her, which colour you think would suit her the best. Women like to wear something which would get her flattering remarks from her partner but of course that has to be genuine. Try to imagine her on that night suit and you would know what to buy.

Budget: Of course you don't have to go overboard to gift your loved ones. You must shop around to find the right option within your budget. You can now also shop online to explore the wide range of ladies nightwear. Shopping online would also let you find some great budget deals time to time.

There could be number of occasions- birthday, valentine's day, anniversary and so on and so forth, when you might wish to give a present to your partner. While it comes to buy ladies nightwear let your imagination rule. The market for ladies nightwear is one of the most diverse with no dearth of options in style, colour and type. Further, you can add accessories with the nightwear to make it more complete. You can choose from the wide range of items to accessories the nightwear to make it even more perfect as gift.

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