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Did You Know That There’s a Mystery Behind Judas Cave? #OFWTraveller

Did you know that there’s a mystery behind Judas Cave?

Judas Cave's named after Judas Iscariot (one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ). After accepting the bribe of thirty gold coins and ran away, to cover his betrayal from his master, he holed-up in this cavern.

It's located in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The natives called it “Jabal Garra” means a village of mountains. They said, that there’s a mystery lies in this cave. The home-born believed that whoever heard the sighing of Judas and clanking of gold coins inside the cave will betray somebody dearest to his/her heart.

One summer day, I decided to visit the cave. I brought all the things that a tourist should and hailed a taxi cab and on the way, I noticed that the desert's like ripples of sands drifting in the wilderness of tranquility. As I came nearer the place, I was joyful by the scene. I discovered that "Jabal Garra" - means Green Mountain's composed of small mountains forming into one huge structure surrounded by the barren sand dunes. It’s like a sculptor unfinished clay structure!

At the foot of the structure; a mini-park with benches and tables made of ancient clay, a beautiful garden with fountains, different varieties of multicolored enchanting flowers and four sculptured staircases leading to the mountain top. Also, I noted a huge wooden gate and a long-drawn-out of date’s plantation. I entered the gate and to my surprise, I saw a winding path with mounds of peculiar sizes on both sides and lovely flowers with varying colors planted at the base of each earthwork. I walked slowly towards the cave entrance and felt that I was walking down the church aisle heading to the altar! Suddenly, the cold breeze made my soul quivers!

The fa├žade of the cave were two gigantic boulders leaning against each other. Several giant mounds fashioning a crown on top, towering enormously to its height, making a colossal design of boulders. As I stepped inside, the temperature altered from warm to cool; the light from brightness to shadiness. At first, I accustomed my vision to the surrounding. I spotted various light bulbs hanging in each niche making the place dimmer. I produced a flashlight to guide me inside the pothole. In fact, it’s the first time that I entered a cave in my whole life. The interior was like a maze with lots of paths to choose from. I gathered all my courage to sustain my escapade. My curiosity deepened as I led the way not knowing which course to tread. So, I determined to turn right because that’s the nearest direction that I could lead inside right away. As I moved on, the inlay of the cave becomes wider and I saw extraordinary contours of rocks and boulders hugging a piece together. It’s truly magnificent! I felt glad and lonely at the same time. I cannot fathom the serenity of the place.

The mystery that shrouded in this cave baffled me. Why Judas Iscariot accepted the bribe and concealed here? Was it because of thirty pieces of gold coins? Or, to scrutinized his guilt? In fact, according to the Bible, he ended his life on account of self-condemnation? Besides, why did the residents preserved the place? Maybe because of its beauty? Usefulness? Or simply a landmark?

As I wandered around the hidden of the cave, I had a feeling to reveal more and satisfy my “objet de vertu”. After three hours of sightseeing, I had a last look at the spot. And, suddenly, I heard the whisper of Judas, telling me to spread the goodness to mankind! At first, I hesitated to acknowledge because Judas was a bad person according to the Bible, but his message to me was a good one. And then, I didn’t realize, that I was answering back saying, “I will, Sire I will, I will cast the good news to humanity.” At that moment, my tears began to fall continuously, crying, cleansing my mind, heart, and soul. And I grasped while slowly walking at the slit of the cave.

I left the place with a heart, that’s spiritual knowing, and purity in my existence can never equal all the material things in this world. Amen.

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